Wednesday, June 29, 2011

grace coddington, the september issue

I loved Grace Coddington in the September Issue. In fact I just love Grace Coddington. She does an extraordinary job as the Creative Director of American Vogue, as you can see just by looking at the end result of some of the shoots she directed for the September Issue. But while she has one of most wanted jobs in the industry she carries on doing it with such a humble approach always remembering where she came from. I find her so inspiring, and love how in the documentary she's the only one willing to stand up to Anna Wintour, who is of course someone else I very much look up to.

Grace Coddington and Karl Lagerfeld, 1974

In her modelling days

A couple of the shoots she did from The September Issue

Last but not least, two models posing as Grace and Anna, this made me giggle because their expressions are so accurate.

(first photo via awesomepeoplehangingout, lost the source of the others as I've had them for a while)

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