Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY | Transparent Cuffs | by Ivania Carpio from LOVE AESTHETICS

When I was thinking of a name of my blog I came up with the name Aesthetically Pleasing. Then I did a little bit of research to find if there were any other big fashion blogs with similar names and came across a blog called Love Aesthetics which has since become one of my faves. I ended up going with a different name for my blog because I felt it was more me, but I've continued to keep up with Love Aesthetics since. This girl is absolutely amazing, she really has her very own aesthetic and every look she creates is strongly unique to her style while very relevant to the current fashion. Anyway, enough blabbing about her because I seriously could go on forever. The other day she did a post on how to make the transparent cuffs and it was too good not to share. Click here for the full post and instructions on how to make there.

Ps: Seriously, check out the rest of her blog, I promise you you'll thank me for it!! xx

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

want: Zana Bayne harness

Trouble is.. which one??

Check out the full range here. These are seriously amazing. You know when you can be bothered putting too much effort on your outfit but don't want to settle for average? Just chuck on a plain maxi or pants and a shirt and put one of these babys on and tada!

organized clothing spaces

My friend and I finally got a place and I'm moving in on Friday, yay!!

It's an old little town house, a bit rough around the ages, but very charming. We're doing a lot of work to it and very quickly falling in love with every part of it including it's imperfections.

The rooms don't have wardrobes. I don't necessarily want to buy a wardrobe either I think I prefer the look of a nicely organized outer closet. I came across this picture in my photos of someone's outer wardrobe which I really liked.